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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Videos at

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Lightmap small.PNG ServiceNow is a software platform that supports IT service management and automates common business processes. This software as a service (SaaS) platform contains a number of modular applications that can vary by instance and user. Articles in this category help new users learn what services ServiceNow offers.

ServiceNow Overview

Learn what ServiceNow offers and how it works.


View definitions for common terms and acronyms.

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Explore training and certification opportunities.

Introductory Books

Get started with your IT self-service tool.

ServiceNow Training
ServiceNow Certification
ServiceNow Online Learning Courses
Using the Wiki Tutorial

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Technical Best Practices

Learn to increase the effectiveness of your ServiceNow experience.

Implementation Books

Review best practices for implementing ServiceNow applications.

System Performance Best Practices
Debugging Tools Best Practices
Customizing the UI Appearance

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