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Workflow Resources

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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Workflow at

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This page provides categorized links to all the pages on the ServiceNow Wiki containing information about workflows. For additional information about workflows and troubleshooting, see the Knowledge Base article KB0541991, Workflow Solutions.

Using Workflows

Workflow Activities

Streamline processes with workflows. <categorytree namespaces="-" mode=pages hideroot=on>Category:Using Workflows</categorytree>

Create custom activities and utilize the full potential of workflows.

<categorytree namespaces="-" mode=pages hideroot=on>Category:Workflow Activities </categorytree>

Workflow Administration

Workflow Examples

Tailor workflow exactly the way you want them.

<categorytree namespaces="-" mode=pages hideroot=on>Category:Workflow Administration </categorytree>

Discover new ways to use workflows.

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Workflow Validation

Validate workflows before you publish them.