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Using the Service Desk

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ServiceNow provides a default homepage and a Service Desk application to provide a basic set of service desk functions. Both of these can be customized to suit the processes you are involved in and the needs of the organization.

ITIL Homepage

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The ITIL Homepage provides commonly used reports that give an overview of the processes you are involved in. Access the ITIL Homepage from the homepage icon (Icon-home.png) in the banner.

By default, the ITIL Homepage includes these reports:

  • Users by location: a pie chart displaying users divided by location.
  • Open Items by Escalation: tasks with an open state, grouped by escalation.
  • My Groups Work: outstanding work for your group.
  • My Work: your outstanding work.
  • ITIL Summary Counts: tasks that are critical, overdue, and over a week old.

Because these reports link directly to the appropriate records and tables, you can use the work queues and the reports on critical tasks to manage your work directly from the homepage.

Menus and Modules

The Service Desk application includes these modules.

ServiceDesk-Calls.png The Service Desk application provides commonly used modules for managing service desk activities.
  • Callers: View callers' user information.
  • Incidents: View active incidents.
  • Knowledge: View the knowledge base.
  • My Work: View the incidents, requests, tasks assigned to you.
  • My Groups Work: View all unassigned work for your group.
  • My Approvals: View all the approvals assigned to you.
  • SLA's
    • My Work: View SLAs on your work.
    • My Groups Work: View SLAs on your group's unassigned work.
  • Calls (Available only when Service Desk Call is active.)
    • New Call: Create a new call.
    • My Calls: View calls you created.
    • My Open Calls: View calls you created last month where the related record is still open.
    • All Open Calls: View all calls created last we