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Social IT

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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Legacy: Chat at

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Social IT is the use of social media technology (such as instant messaging and microblogging) to enhance IT operations. The benefits of Social IT include:

  • Improves communication throughout an organization.
  • Uses familiar tools from everyday life; users do not need to learn complicated, new products.
  • Provides a quick way for business users to contact the service desk.
  • Empowers IT and non-IT employees alike to answer IT-related questions. Users get answers faster, and IT staff have more time to move the business forward with technology.
  • Integrates task data with conversation history for quicker resolutions and improved knowledge management.
Social IT application
Several Social IT features are available in a ServiceNow instance:
  • Chat
    • Chat provides real-time communication between users via instant messaging.
    • Chats may be one-to-one or between multiple users (chat rooms).
    • Chat rooms can be linked to task records. Users can work together to solve issues, and conversation history can be shared by everyone who needs to reference it.
  • Help Desk Chat
    • End users can communicate directly with service desk staff via instant messaging from the Employee Self-Service Portal.
    • Service desk staff can resolve basic issues in real time or create incidents directly from chat requests for more extensive issues.
  • Live Feed: Users can view messages from other users or about specific business services. This information forms a searchable knowledge source for sharing information within an organization.

Getting Started with Social IT

To get started with Social IT in ServiceNow:

  1. Establish use guidelines. Social media can improve communication and aid productivity. To get the most out of these tools, establish clear and simple social media guidelines that foster information sharing and a comfortable work environment.
  2. Activate the plugins.
  3. Configure security settings. Users must log in to use the Social IT features in ServiceNow. The standard system security settings and Social IT-specific security settings are available. To learn more about setting up these features, refer to the plugin activation pages.
    • Chat rooms may be Public (any user can join) or Private (only invited users can join).
    • Administrators can limit who can read chat messages on tasks and who can create chat rooms.
    • Live Feed is domain-separated (users can only read messages posted in their domain).