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Service Administration

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Services are applications and features that perform activities in support of either business applications or the platform. These services provide automation, data collection and reporting, and social IT tools. Administrators and those granted specific permissions can configure these settings to provide essential support services. These services include:

  • Homepages: ensure your users have everything they need at their fingertips.
  • Notifications: get automatic email and SMS alerts.
  • Assessments: use custom questionnaires and scripted queries to evaluate, score, and compare any records in ServiceNow.
  • Surveys and reports: collect data from users and system records to display as custom charts.
  • Wizards and approvals: define processes to streamline user actions and approvals.
  • Social IT: use social networking as a business tool.
  • State Flows: customize state changes in task tables.
  • Geolocation: locate users from their mobile devices.

Homepage Administration

Notification Administration

Create custom homepages including reports and unique layouts.

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Get alerts and set up automatic notifications with internal triggers.

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Report Administration

Evaluate, score, and compare any records in ServiceNow.

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Administer reports using custom charting options and by controlling data grouping and ranges.

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Survey Administration


Deliver easily customized surveys within ServiceNow.

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Create automatic processes to streamline common user activities.

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Social IT Administration

Set custom approval rules, automatic approvals, and approval workflows.

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Use social networking to coordinate your organization.

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State Flows


Customize default state transitions and apply field controls when tasks change states.

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Calculate a user's location precisely using data from the user's mobile device.

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