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Server API Reference

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Monitor small.png Server-side Glide APIs allow you to to create scripts to run on the server. Script includes provide common functionality that you can include in your server-side scripts. This page provides links to reference information for the server-side APIs and script includes.

Glide API Reference

Class Description
CMDBUtil Provides utility methods for creating and managing table relationships in the configuration management database (CMDB) and managing CMDB baselines.
ExpenseLine Provides methods for generating expense line (fm_expense_line) records from your own server-side scripts for Cost Management.
GlideAggregate Extends GlideRecord to allow database aggregation queries, such COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX, and AVG, for creating customized reports or calculations in calculated fields.
GlideDateTime Performs date-time operations, such as date-time calculations, formatting a date-time, or converting between date-time formats.
GlideElement Provides methods to operate on the fields of the current GlideRecord.
GlideRecord Provides methods for performing database operations. GlideRecord is a special Java class that can be used in JavaScript as if it were a native JavaScript class, instead of writing SQL queries.
GlideRecordSecure Provides GlideRecord methods that enforce ACLs.
GlideSession Provides methods to get information about the current session.
GlideSystem Provides methods to get information about the system.
GlideTimeline Provides methods for configuring and displaying a Glide Windowing Toolkit Timeline when customizing timeline schedule pages.
g_chat Provides a g_chat variable object for working with the chat window object.
Service Catalog Provides methods for scripting the service catalog.

Script Includes Reference

Class Description
Change Collision Provides helper functions useful for scripting Change Collision on the server side or when using AJAX calls on the client.
Discovery Provides functions to accomplish common Discovery tasks.
JavaScript Tools Provides general JavaScript utility functions that are useful for tasks such as logging, validating scripts, and exception wrapping.
MID Server Provides functions to accomplish common MID Server tasks.
Utility Provides general utility functions that are useful when working with arrays, datetimes, and tables.
Workflow Provides functions that are useful when working with workflows.

Notify API Reference

Class Description
Notify API Provides functionality for sending SMS messages and setting up conference calls.