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SM Planned Maintenance

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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Planned Maintenance at

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The Planned Maintenance application helps organizations manage regular, preventive maintenance of their assets. The application uses maintenance plans to trigger the automatic creation of work orders or facilities requests. These work orders and facilities requests define how to perform maintenance on devices and vehicles, or just about any type of asset that requires maintenance. Work orders and requests can be based on a specific time interval, such as after a specified number of months since the previous maintenance was performed, or they can be based on meters or usage. For example, after a specified number of pages are printed or a specified number of miles are driven.

Planned Maintenance is available starting with the Fuji release.

Menus and Modules

Activating the maintenance plans feature adds the Planned Maintenance application menu to the application navigator.

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Under the Planned Maintenance menu:
  • Maintenance plans: Opens the Maintenance Plans page, which allows a user with the SM administrator role to create, maintain, and remove maintenance plans.

Activating Planned Maintenance

An administrator can activate the SM Planned Maintenance plugin.