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Release:Berlin Patch 4

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The Berlin Patch 4 release provides fixes for the Berlin release. This release is {{#switch: not recommended | CA = in a state of controlled availability (see release terminology). | GA = in a state of general availability (see release terminology). | no longer recommended for upgrades. If you want to upgrade an instance, consider a current version. }} {{#if: not public | {{#switch: not public | public = To upgrade your instance, request an upgrade | For more information about how to upgrade your instance, see Requesting an Upgrade }}.}}

For the Berlin Patch 4 release:

Build date: 11-19-2012_2234
Build tag: glide-berlin-05-06-2012__patch4-11-09-2012
Note: See how to determine the version on your instance.

New in This Release

Problem Description
PRB576976 Enabling the high security setting glide.ui.escape_all_script prevented users from executing context menu UI actions and entering values in fields where a UI policy was defined.
PRB577445 Instances upgraded from prior versions that had not activated the Subscription Based Notifications plugin (com.glide.notification) could send email notifications to the wrong users.
PRB572961 If the execution path of a workflow Rollback To activity contained a join of two Create Task activities, and if the rollback transitioned to one of the tasks, the other task was left in a "Pending" state. This occurred when the rollback reset both tasks, but only closed the task to which it transitioned directly. The Join activity then continued without waiting for the second tasks to complete.
PRB573704 When a workflow contained an Approval Coordinator activity that was included in a rollback (either Rollback or Rollback To), the rollback hung and did not complete.
PRB261852 In workflows containing a combination of joins and rollbacks, the workflow could reach a stalemate in which a join was waiting for an action that was waiting for the join. The join waited for an action that was linked to it through the rollback and did not wait for the activity that transitioned directly to it.
PRB570516 The process of cloning one instance over another replaced the MID Server records in the MID Server [ecc_agent] table on the overwritten instance. Although the MID Servers were able to authenticate on the overwritten instance, they could not register with the ECC Queue because their records were missing. A cloned instance can now recreate records in the MID Server [ecc_agent] table for any MID Server that is able to access the instance.
PRB573349 The Show Before and Show After filters did not work on date fields when the date format was set to anything except for HH:mm:ss.
PRB569908 Users with the discovery_admin role were unable to access some of the tables they needed when high security was enabled and the default ACL was set to "Deny Access". ACLs were updated to expose necessary tables to users with the discovery_admin role.
PRB573518 Relationships established by Discovery for a Solaris server were not reconciled properly when the server was moved between zones. The relationship to the original zone persisted in the CMDB after the move. If the server was moved multiple times, each of the previous relationships were retained, until a user could no longer determine the correct zone from the record.
PRB573382 Discovery failed to update the serial number for Cisco IP Switches, even though the serial number was present in the payload returned by the probe.


ServiceNow would overwrite the domain value of records in the global domain when adding records to the domain table.
PRB453591 The Request for field incorrectly saved user data.
PRB559606 Incident SLA elapsed percentages were calculated incorrectly.
PRB560023 Published reports would show a grid even when Display grid was not selected.
PRB567616 ITIL users were unable to associate a closed incident to an active problem.
PRB570549 Users could not insert rows to a hierarchical list from the list view.
PRB572019 Form fields could be hidden behind the form header.
PRB575911 Browsing LDAP displayed only a small window.
PRB576601 There was no line break in the service catalog shopping cart when ordering an item with a very long name or description.
PRB577293 List actions (context menus and list options) on lists within homepages were broken.
PRB577448 A glide_list field which was made mandatory after being expanded would display and additional lock and add me icons in Internet Explorer and Chrome.
PRB577700 Search queries were causing double stemming on some words.
PRB577923 Information messages would remain on the screen when filtering knowledge search and navigating to a different form.
PRB577996 Mandatory catalog item variables were not always marked as mandatory in order guides.
PRB576718 Adding an embedded list to a form caused the JavaScript error, Uncaught ReferenceError: GlideList2NewHandler is not defined.
PRB578113 Comments on knowledge articles were not correctly associated with the article.
PRB577305 Infrastructure software license was not calculating the amount of software installed for software licenses that did not have a parent company or location identified.
PRB577917 The Time worked field did not correctly update when clicking the Update button on a form.
PRB578304 Data policies would filter by domain even if domain support was not enabled.
PRB573704 The Rollback To activity would not work when a workflow contained an Approval Coordinator.
PRB576769 When a workflow rolled back a branched path containing a Timer activity, the workflow did not disable the timer or check to determine if it was already executing in the system. This resulted in multiple timers running at once.
PRB577936 Bar and pie charts show the user sys_id instead of the user names when domain separation is enabled and the data is grouped by the Assigned to field.
PRB578388 Rollup calculations are not propagating up the project hierarchy correctly.
PRB043933 No maximum character limits were enforced on comments or work notes.
PRB576313 Imported Microsoft project files do not have the correct start and end dates.
PRB561965 Clicking outside the dialogue box while editing multiple fields from the list view only updated a single record in Internet Explorer.
PRB577221 Update set retrieval would fail after upgrading to Berlin patch 2 from an existing Berlin release.
PRB578354 SOAP requests using getRecords in an instance without High Security would not honor default allow behavior.
PRB566050 Restarting a child project task would cause incorrect cascading between parent and child elements.
PRB577389 The WYSIWYG editor did not display on HTML or Translated HTML fields.
PRB577172 The MID server was not sending a heartbeat and log monitor status causing the instance to show the MID server as down.
PRB576708 Users with the admin role would not be required to elevate privileges to conform to ACL rules requiring a custom role with elevated privileges.

Included from Previous Releases