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Release:Berlin Patch 3

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The Berlin Patch 3 release provides fixes for the Berlin release. This release is {{#switch: not recommended | CA = in a state of controlled availability (see release terminology). | GA = in a state of general availability (see release terminology). | no longer recommended for upgrades. If you want to upgrade an instance, consider a current version. }} {{#if: | {{#switch: {{{2}}} | public = To upgrade your instance, request an upgrade | For more information about how to upgrade your instance, see Requesting an Upgrade }}.}}

For the Berlin Patch 3 release:

Build date: 11-01-2012_1752
Build tag: glide-berlin-05-06-2012__patch3-10-11-2012
Note: See how to determine the version on your instance.

New in This Release

Problem Description
PRB570666 Software discovery was not capturing all data.
PRB562089 Users could not disable notifications through their user preferences.
PRB576442 Concurrent Web Service insert requests to the same import set table could be incorrectly processed multiple times.
PRB575923 Excel imports would remove spaces from the beginning of data cells.
PRB572644 A recursive ACL could cause a node to run out of memory.
PRB563221 On Firefox, a mandatory HTML field allowed submission, even when empty.
PRB567228 UI Policies on reference fields (and g_form) did not work properly in Printer Friendly view.
PRB576127 The "Virtualized by" relationship between a VM guest and the ESX host was not reconciled properly by Discovery after the VM guest was migrated between ESX hosts. The result was that two "Virtualized by" relationships were registered for the VM guest.
PRB576272 The email client would remove line breaks from messages.
PRB562574 Using the Add item button to add a catalog item to an existing request did not kick off the workflow associated to the added item.
PRB570284 Text in the chat window rendered as emoticons instead of text.
PRB570375 Using web services to insert a row into an import set that already contained a large amount of rows could produce slow database response times due to inefficient queries.
PRB573930 Transform maps with mappings to a reference field in the User [sys_user] table would not restrict lookups to the column listed in the Referenced value field name field. This could result in imported records being assigned or sent to the wrong user when an organization had multiple users with the same name.
PRB575515 Users without the admin role would retrieve zero rows when using API processor calls such as JSON or SOAP to access tables that they had ACL rights to access from the UI.


Email scripts would not add email addresses with the addAddress method.
PRB576624 The cloning process would stall while copying a table.
PRB576933 The upgrade process would not recognize customizations to the Request Approval UI action.
PRB574745 The matches regex condition for field normalization did not function correctly.
PRB573019 The starting time would not be set for a Discovery Schedule configured to run Once or Periodic, because the run_start (Starting) field was not visible on the form. To set a starting time, a user had to personalize the form. The run_start field now appears on the form in the base ServiceNow system.
PRB577004 The HBA and Port related lists in the Storage Pools, Storage Disks, and Storage Volumes forms did not have a direct relationship to the forms and were causing confusion. The HBA and Port related lists were removed from these storage forms.
PRB577005 Discovery for NetApp devices returned device IDs for the array, pools, volumes, and disks instead of a human-readable label. Also, Discovery did not return the following NetApp device information:
  • Serial number
  • Manufacturer
  • Model ID
  • Firmware version
PRB577375 Using chat through CMS caused pinging even when the chat window was inactive.
PRB577366 A streaming error when canceling a transaction could cause an incorrectly formatted cancelation notice.
PRB575508 Attached files while using the TinyMCE editor were stored in an incorrect location.
PRB573019 The starting time could not be set for a Discovery Schedule configured to run Once or Periodic, because the "run_start" (Starting) field was not visible on the form. To use the field, a user had to personalize the form. The "run_start" field now appears on the form in the base ServiceNow system.
PRB574578 ACLs were checked inconsistently when saving a record if the property was set to true.
PRB572606 The workflow field Expand Stage would not collapse or expand if the word hide was contained in the instance name.
PRB573437 Adding write permissions to a service catalog variable would interfere with setDisplay client scripts on the associated catalog item.
PRB576657 A breached SLA could get stuck listed as Paused rather than Breached if both the Pause and Stop conditions were met simultaneously.
PRB576991 A cache flush due to an update set could cause AJAX calls to fail.
PRB577025 An error in database connection pools could cause clone tests to fail.
PRB577623 Consecutive AJAX queries run in service catalog reference fields caused unwanted transaction cancellations.
PRB570607 A CONTAINS filter condition did not work correctly on glide_list field types.
PRB573270 The Priority field on the incident form was not set correctly.
PRB573508 Calendar objects were cut off when displayed in an iFrame.
PRB575386 The mandatory indicator on a proposed change did not turn green when the field was populated.
PRB575503 The slushbucket did not automatically load data from a collection of greater than 200 items.
PRB576556 An incorrect UI action could cause a clone to stay in the Draft state.
PRB576717 A SOAP request could get a string response of Transaction cancelled instead of a SOAP fault message.
PRB576819 A chained onChange client script would not run in Firefox.
PRB577432 A full text reindex after a clone caused system performance issues.
PRB565117 Audio alerts in chat did not work in Internet Explorer 8.
PRB576055 Discoveries using external credential storage could not discover SNMP devices using credentials stored on the external repository.
STRY0028367 The Discovery Configuration menu now contains a Storage section with direct access to CIM storage tables. Previous access to these tables was through the CI record from a device link in a Discovery Status record.

Included from Previous Releases