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Release:Berlin Patch 2

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Release information
{{#ifeq: Berlin | Berlin | | The current recommended release is Berlin Patch 8 Hotfix 1.}} {{#if: Berlin | {{ #switch: Berlin Berlin = The current general availability release for the Berlin family is Berlin Patch 8 Hotfix 1. Aspen = The current general availability release for the Berlin family is Aspen Patch 6.



The Berlin Patch 2 release provides fixes for the Berlin release. This release is {{#switch: not recommended | CA = in a state of controlled availability (see release terminology). | GA = in a state of general availability (see release terminology). | no longer recommended for upgrades. If you want to upgrade an instance, consider a current version. }} {{#if: | {{#switch: {{{2}}} | public = To upgrade your instance, request an upgrade | For more information about how to upgrade your instance, see Requesting an Upgrade }}.}}

For the Berlin Patch 2 release:

Build date: 09-21-2012_0101
Build tag: glide-berlin-05-06-2012__patch2-09-14-2012
Note: See how to determine the version on your instance.

New in This Release

Problem Description
PRB391937 Maintenance schedule changes were not supported when a system is set to display timezone as part of date-time fields.
PRB574508 The Attachment Note workflow activity no longer supports the use of HTML in journal fields. Attachments created by the Attachment Note activity now appear at the top of the record as a .txt file and can be opened and saved in the usual manner. Prior to this release, users accessed attachments through an HTML link in the journal field.
PRB576518 The parent field on the Product Model [cmdb_model] table was removed, breaking some custom functionality.
PRB576027 The MID Server status in the instance UI switched between Up and Down every 5 minutes. This occurred when the system property, glide.sys.time.format, used a time format that did not show the seconds.
PRB391937 Maintenance schedule changes were not supported when a system is set to display timezone as part of date-time fields.
PRB567545 The legacy field sys_ui_policy_action.data_policy prevented update set preview from working correctly.
PRB574181 Update sets did not capture new tables created by extending a table for a web service.
PRB564799 Filtering on a group was not working from popups generated from other popups.
PRB571479 Individual node information was inaccessible.
PRB575961 Discovery RecordEnsurer performed poorly in environments with high concurrency.
PRB575592 The Compare to current UI action was not working correctly.
PRB560193 Clicking Logout after a session expired caused a double logout.
PRB569668 Calculating a total price for multiple catalog items would multiply the price by 100 when using the Euro currency.
PRB569875 The Edit interceptor UI action was available from the homepage.
PRB570336 Email actions that included a stop processing event would fail when the action also started a workflow. The workflow event value would supersede the stop processing event state.
PRB573517 Field annotations lost information when transfered in an update set.
PRB575664 When a user attempts to configure a notification in their User Profile on Internet Explorer 8 or 9, the Notification dialogue is rendered, but IE indicates errors on the page.
PRB575801 ACL checks could fail for SOAP and JSON web services.
PRB573409 Discovery failed to classify Windows computers when the MID Server was configured to run in DEBUG mode. If PowerShell and DEBUG were both enabled, Discovery proceeded normally.
PRB573563 The creation of source tables for importing data was not captured in update sets.
PRB575101 A configuration item boolean field set to true was recorded as changed when saving a proposed change.
PRB042756 A long, unbroken string of text in a journal field (Comment, Work notes) did not wrap and pushed the right column of fields toward the right side of the form.


When set to true the user preference enter_submits_form would incorrectly submit records when a user pressed enter from a reference field.
PRB563875 Internet Explorer versions 6 and 7 browsers intermittently lock up when many records display on the same timeline.
PRB093938 In wizards, container variable types are not supported, but they appeared on the choice list.
PRB576245 The Email client pop-up window closes when clicking outside of the window.
PRB574083 When access the Incident table search form, the cursor does not focus on any of the form fields by default.
PRB575385 Users were unable to delete a cloned record.
PRB575413 Oracle ORA-00054 database error occurs when updating a field on a table while the database is under load.
PRB575601 Mandatory glide_duration field no longer mandatory.
Users with write access but not create access could create new, blank records through a UI action.
PRB574280 When configuring a notification in a User Profile using Internet Explorer 8 or 9, the Notification dialogue is rendered correctly, but the browser indicates errors on the page. This prevents application of an advanced filter to the notifications.
PRB576375 Catalog items that use variables cause an exception to be thrown on the Service Catalog page.
PRB575962 Using a reference to any gr variable would overwrite the field value and produce an error.
PRB576483 An ampersand in a query string was not correctly encoded in pivot table links.
PRB560993 Certain PDF authoring tools would create PDFs that could not be indexed.
PRB568620 Deleting images from catalog items was not preserved as part of an update set.
PRB568749 The legend of a line chart could cover the entire report display.
PRB569443 The integration with Google maps did not correctly use HTTPS and would display an error if the Display mixed content browser security setting was enabled.
PRB571149 The Add/Remove Multiple option on glide_list fields bypassed proposed changes.
PRB571545 CMS site resources were moving erratically around the page.
PRB574387 Null scheduled worker threads were being generated in some Gen2 instances.
PRB574668 The permalink to a knowledge article did not provide a kb_sys_id causing errors with the Affected Products UI macro.
PRB574946 Two-pass queries on a table in the process of building a history set could cause system slowdown.
PRB575256 Email client would add improper recipients to incident and change records.
PRB577124 ACL rules that made text area fields read-only would prevent non-administrator users from saving a preferred number of rows to display.
PRB575786 Glide security used an inefficient method to check for protected classes.
PRB575854 Users with write but not create roles could create empty records using a UI action.

Included from Previous Releases