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Release:Berlin Patch 1 Hotfix 2

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Release information
{{#ifeq: Berlin | Berlin | | The current recommended release is Berlin Patch 8 Hotfix 1.}} {{#if: Berlin | {{ #switch: Berlin Berlin = The current general availability release for the Berlin family is Berlin Patch 8 Hotfix 1. Aspen = The current general availability release for the Berlin family is Aspen Patch 6.



The Berlin Patch 1 Hotfix 2 release provides fixes for the Berlin release. This release is {{#switch: not recommended | CA = in a state of controlled availability (see release terminology). | GA = in a state of general availability (see release terminology). | no longer recommended for upgrades. If you want to upgrade an instance, consider a current version. }} {{#if: not public | {{#switch: not public | public = To upgrade your instance, request an upgrade | For more information about how to upgrade your instance, see Requesting an Upgrade }}.}}

For the Berlin Patch 1 release:

Build date: 09-28-2012_1219
Build tag: glide-berlin-05-06-2012__patch1-hotfix2-09-27-2012
Note: See how to determine the version on your instance.

New in This Release

Problem Description


Email scripts could not add email addresses with the addAddress method.

Included from Previous Releases