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Release:Berlin Patch 1

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Release information
{{#ifeq: Berlin | Berlin | | The current recommended release is Berlin Patch 8 Hotfix 1.}} {{#if: Berlin | {{ #switch: Berlin Berlin = The current general availability release for the Berlin family is Berlin Patch 8 Hotfix 1. Aspen = The current general availability release for the Berlin family is Aspen Patch 6.



The Berlin Patch 1 release provides fixes for the Berlin release. This release is {{#switch: not recommended | CA = in a state of controlled availability (see release terminology). | GA = in a state of general availability (see release terminology). | no longer recommended for upgrades. If you want to upgrade an instance, consider a current version. }} {{#if: not public | {{#switch: not public | public = To upgrade your instance, request an upgrade | For more information about how to upgrade your instance, see Requesting an Upgrade }}.}}

For the Berlin Patch 1 release:

Build date: 08-29-2012_0107
Build tag: glide-berlin-05-06-2012__patch1-08-17-2012
Note: See how to determine the version on your instance.

New in This Release

Problem Description
PRB572461 Incident information was missing or displayed incorrectly when a user entered invalid HMTL code in the Activity field.

Notable Change: A new property, glide.ui.allow_deep_html_validation, allows administrators to prevent users from saving invalid HTML in a journal field.

PRB574553 When a user's computer time zone is different than their profile time zone in the system, chat time stamps are not accurate for received messages.
PRB574901 Deferred workflows (workflows in which Run after bus. rules run is set to true) were experiencing delays of up to 1 minute before completing. A message similar to the following was displayed in the log: Mutex wf_context_547b8a01bf1320005d1008f7ff073973 acquired after spinning 121 times.
PRB573096 The SNMP - Classify probe failed to discover a device when the interface table object identifiers (OIDs) were not returned. The Discovery Log displayed an error similar to this: "The undefined value has no properties. (sys_script_include.83f9a33a0ab30153004187736f3a6d34; line 111)."
PRB574256 Mandatory variables in an order guide could be skipped by using the browser back button.
PRB573258 Discovery failed to classify and explore AIX servers. The UNIX classification probe timed out with the following error on the input record: "Unexpected end to SSH terminal connection" .
PRB573775 A webpage error would display when an external content item URL was incorrectly defined.
PRB043477 Changes to roles that are contained in other roles as part of an update set did not apply the new roles to users when committing the update set.
PRB564761 The sys_class_name could not be determined for service catalog workflow related tasks immediately upon creation.
PRB574710 Web Service connections would fail when connecting through a proxy server with authentication.
PRB575069 In large discoveries, the Windows - Installed Software probe timed out. This occurred because the default timeout value for the wmi_timeout probe parameter was reduced to 2 minutes. The parameter was added to the Windows - Installed Software probe and configured for 15 minutes.
PRB574907 Users could not export list reports to Excel in the Berlin release.
PRB570105 Some connections would fail when the username or password contained special characters. The following protocols were known to be affected: FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and SCP.
PRB571047 Update sets did not correct preserve fields for a gauge.
PRB575471 The Coaching Loops plugin could not be enabled by administrators.
PRB572994 Service portfolio SLA results did not work with non breach-compatible SLAs.
PRB572458 Creating a categorized service catalog request from an incident did not correctly associate the incident and the catalog request.
PRB570521 The Revert to this Version button was missing when using the Compare UI action.
PRB561613 When a new view rule was created for the Request Item[sc_req_item] table, a control is null error would occur.
PRB065687 The property did not work with order guides.
PRB575369 Application Profile Discovery did not work in certain cases on UNIX when the $APDCONF environment variable was not defined on the target machine.
PRB569908 Users with the discovery_admin role were unable to access some of the tables they needed when high security was enabled and the default ACL was set to "Deny Access". ACLs were updated to expose necessary tables to users with the discovery_admin role.
PRB575577 The All Models module of the asset portfolio did not work correctly with standard tables.
PRB559343 The New button after using a navigation arrow on a related list was not working.
PRB563445 Network discovery did not work with some new Cisco IOS versions.
PRB570483 Knowledge articles in non-English languages were being captured by update sets.
PRB572117 Patches applied when upgrading to a different build on the same branch were not always activated in the correct order.
PRB572391 The email template form only listed the first and last name of email recipients making it impossible to distinguish users with the same first and last names even if they were members of different domains.
PRB572601 Attempting to upload data from a timed-out session caused unnecessary rows to be added to the Import Set table.
PRB572777 Users without publishing permission could publish reports by saving a previously published report.
PRB573235 Running Discovery against Mac OS X could cause an identity sensor error.
PRB573425 Chart titles would be rendered as empty boxes in the chart output if the report title was in Japanese.
PRB573514 Customizing the Reference List view of a list did not properly update when using a many-to-many slushbucket.
PRB574223 A recursion in the email reader could cause a StackOverflowError.
PRB574307 The property glide.knowman.allow_empty_search did not have a description.
PRB574411 Multiple service desk users could select the same Service Desk Chat session.
PRB574648 Importing CSV data would fail if the import could not parse all data rows.
PRB574780 Empty variables were not being hidden correctly on service catalog request items.
PRB574867 On charts and graphs that aggregate values, the wrong message was displayed in place of empty.
PRB574981 Choice list translations were not updated correctly when a choice was deleted but not customized in a particular language.
PRB042264 Advanced reference qualifiers were not working correctly with System Wizard variables.
PRB575638 There were not sufficient skipLink shortcuts in the UI.
PRB575498 The time card list view did not display properly.
PRB575594 There was no alternative text for images in output messages.
PRB575598 A double groupBy statement was causing Model Categories table entires to be duplicated.
PRB575776 If the planned task calculator runs with null, empty, or no parameters, the number of records read could cause system slowdown or instability.
PRB570090 In Internet Explorer 8, opening a chat room from a task caused the invited users list to display incorrectly.
PRB561222 When deleting a field then a field with the same name as part of an update set, the settings for the deleted field were retained in the update set instead of the settings for the new field.
PRB576156 Cloning an instance could cause system slowdown when cloning to a multi-node environment.
PRB562582 Cluster node Discovery would treat individual nodes as clusters.
PRB572095 Copied project sub tasks did not display on the Gantt chart.
PRB574426 The system would return a web server version, causing a limited security risk.
PRB569287 Gauges could become corrupt and display the wrong list of records.
PRB576237 After upgrading from June or Aspen to Berlin, no high-availability migration clones could start.
PRB575748 Scheduled PDF reports were sporadically missing fields.
PRB572525 In Discoveries with PowerShell, credential affinities were created for devices even if the connection timed out or was refused by the device. Subsequent discoveries of the device failed when the same credentials identified by the affinity were used again.
PRB575050 Autocomplete would not display results in the email client.
PRB575435 Knowledge base searches would default to the first language in alphabetical order on instances with multiple languages enabled.
PRB573779 A web page error occurs after personalizing a related list by removing the tab that is currently selected.
PRB574535 The Create Story UI action from defect record would appear behind a greyout.

Included from Previous Releases