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Procurement managers can use the Procurement application to create purchase orders and to obtain items for fulfilling service catalog requests. Procurement offers the ability to:

  • Track service catalog requests
  • Create and manage purchase orders
  • Create and manage transfer orders
  • Receive assets

Procurement is available starting with the Calgary release.

Procurement Workflows

Procurement uses the following workflows:

  • In the Service Catalog Request workflow, items ordered from the service catalog that cost over one thousand dollars require approval.

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  • In the Source Request workflow, catalog tasks are created so a procurement manager can source the item by creating a transfer order or purchase order.

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These workflows are provided in the base system. You can edit these workflows in the graphical workflow editor or create a workflow to better fit your organization's procurement needs.


The Procurement application uses the following roles.

Role Title Role Name Description
Procurement administrator procurement_admin Procurement administrators set up and manage the procurement process.
Procurement user procurement_user Procurement users use the Procurement application.
Note: If your service catalog users cannot access service requests assigned to them after you activate the Procurement plugin, grant them the procurement_user role.

Menus and Modules

Activating procurement adds the Procurement application menu and the following modules to the application navigator.

Procurement app nav.png

Activating Procurement

An administrator can activate the Procurement plugin.



  • When asset tag input is allowed, the number of Asset tag and S/N lines is updated dynamically based on the value entered in the Qty Received field.
  • When receiving purchase orders with only one line item, the Received check box is automatically selected.
  • A Reserve check box can be selected to reserve non-consumable items for the user specified in the For User field.
  • For assets created from purchase order items, the following field values are automatically set on each asset record.
For assets created either before or at the time of receiving the items:
  • The Vendor field is set to the vendor specified on the purchase order record.
  • The Acquisition method field is set to Purchase for non-consumable assets.
When the Reserve check box is selected in the Receive Purchase Order dialog box:
  • The State field is set to In stock.
  • The Substate field is set to Reserved.
  • When a hardware CI is created during the procurement process, the system populates the Configuration item field on the associated catalog task and requested item records.
  • Purchase order line items now have a List price field to track the retail price of an item.