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MID Server Script Includes Reference

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This page provides reference information for the MID Server script includes. For general information on how to use script includes, see Script Includes.

Script Include Description
AgentMetrics Processes inbound MID server metrics.
JavascriptProbe Creates and executes a JavaScriptProbe on the MID server.
MIDServer Encapsulates the notion of a MID server.
MIDServerAjax Provides Ajax functions for managing a MID server.
MIDServerCluster Finds the MID server clusters for a given MID server and reassigns the jobs if necessary.
MIDServerFileSync Checks to see if there are any changes to attachments on tables that are instances of MID server synchronized files and, if so, notifies the MID servers of a change.
MIDServerFinder Finds a list of MID servers for given IP addresses.
MIDServerManage Sends management messages to a MID server.
MIDServerSelector Finds a MID server based on capabilities and target IP address.
MonitorMIDServer Monitors MID servers, using the heartbeat probe.