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System Localization

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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see System Localization at

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Localization allows administrators to accommodate users from a variety of different countries, using different languages and currencies, within the same instance. The platform supports internationalization of language and localization of currencies and prices wherever they appear.

Language Internationalization

Once the Internationalization Plugins have been activated, the platform will support multiple languages. A global language can be set, and users can specify their own languages. The base system labels and messages are automatically translated, and tools are provided to help the administrator translate customizations. For more information, see Language Internationalization.

Currency Localization

Currencies can be defined within the System Localization application, and can have their exchange rates loaded from the European Central Bank.

Once the Currency Support for Service Catalog Plugin has been installed, the service catalog can convert catalog item prices into the currency of the user's locale code, or can display a fixed price that will display in the same currency regardless of who is viewing it.

Location Setup

If your organization supports more than one distinct location, you can configure these locations in ServiceNow to help further identify users, assets, incidents, and so on.

To see available locations for your company, navigate to User Administration > Locations. Click New.png to add a new location:

Location Setup.png

When done, click Submit.png. Your new location will now be available to you anywhere you can specify one.