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List of Available Integrations

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Nearly all ServiceNow customers obtain additional value by integrating ServiceNow with third-party applications. Integration increases operational efficiency, reduces total cost, and increases quality. ServiceNow customers have a number of options for integrating with third-party applications.

ServiceNow Integrations

Customers may use multiple types of integrations, depending on the applications they need to integrate with ServiceNow.

ServiceNow Provided integrations

ServiceNow provides many integrations as part of the platform. These integrations are considered part of the platform and are provided at no additional charge.

Integration Type Integration Point
Altiris (version 6.5) MID Server CMDB
Google Maps Web Services Varies
Google Custom Search Web Services Knowledge
IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Web Services, Email
Microsoft SMS / SCCM MID Server CMDB
Microsoft SCOM versions 2007 & 2012 Web Services, MID Server Event
Microsoft SCOM versions 6.1 and earlier Web Services, MID Server Incident
Verizon eBonding Web Services Incident

Technology Partner Program

The Technology Partner program provides ServiceNow customers with certified integrations with third-party applications. Certification indicates that the integrations have passed a set of interoperability, security, and performance test criteria as defined and witnessed by ServiceNow. Certified Partner Integrations are available on the ServiceNow Store. To learn more about or join our Technology Partner program, go here.

Custom-Built Integrations

Customers can always use the embedded capabilities of ServiceNow to integrate with other applications or data sources. The following are examples of custom-built integrations - ServiceNow assumes no responsibility for the content of these pages - these are examples of usage, not supported code. Customers who need to build out integrations are able to do so using the integration elements associated with ServiceNow. For more information see Integration Overview.

Below is a partial list of some of the integrations that have been built with ServiceNow:

Integration Type Integration Point
Ariba Web Services Service Catalog
AT&T eBonding Web Services Incident
BMC Remedy Web Services Incident
Borland Starteam MID Server Incident
CA Service Operations Insight (SOI) - POV JAR files on MID Server Events/Incident
Centennial Import Sets CMDB
CiscoWorks Email Incident
Clarify Email Incident
Dell AlertFind Web Services Incident
Eloqua Web Services Incident
EMC nLayers Web Services CMDB ( Discovery Mapping)
EMC Smarts Web Services Incident (one-directional into ServiceNow)
EMC Smarts ADM Web Services CMDB (Discovery)
HDI Survey Email Incident
HP OpenView Operations Web Services Incident
HP OpenView Operations (Windows Servers) Email Incident
HP OpenView ServiceDesk Email Incident
HP Service Manager 7
Web Services Incident
IBM Tivoli Access Manager SSO User Provisioning, SSO
IBM Tivoli Identity Manager SSO SSO
IBM Tivoli TEC
Web Services, Email
IFrames CMS Knowledge
Interlink Business Enterprise Server (BES) Email Incident
InTouch Notification System Web Services Incident
Jira Proof of Concept - Version 2 Web Services Incident
Logica (Remedy) Integration Web Services Incident, Request Tasks
Lotus Notes Domino Email Email
LPI Level Platforms Web Services Incident
ManageIQ EVM Web Services Service Request - Virtual Environments
Manhattan Software CenterStone eC1 Web Services Incident
Microsoft Biztalk (Getronics) Web Services Incident
Microsoft Identity Integration Server (MIIS) MID Server User Provisioning
Microsoft Outlook Email Change
Nimsoft Integration Web Services CMDB, Incident
Novell eDirectory 6.5 LDAP Users
Oracle Financials (ERP) Web Services (CSV flat files) Incident
Oracle PeopleSoft SSO, Email, MID Server SSO, JDBC Import Web Services CMDB, Incident, Caller
SAP Web Services Incident
Sendmail Web Services Email
Sharepoint Web Services Knowledge
Shibboleth SSO Authentication
SilverBack Email Incident
SSO - Digest Hash SSO SSO
WebMethods Web Services Incident
Xing Web Services Incident

Middleware Providers

Middleware enables ServiceNow and other applications to integrate more easily than with traditional methods. Customers may use these middleware providers based on their needs – ServiceNow does not provide any guidance in terms of the most suitable providers for a given customer.

Supported Integration Interfaces

ServiceNow provides a number of interfaces to be able to directly integrate with the platform. These interfaces are considered part of the platform and are provided at no additional charge.

SSO - SAML 1.1
SSO - SAML 2.0
Digest Authentication
Data Export

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to common integration questions, see Integration FAQs.

Integration Wiki-Book

The Integration Wiki-Book provides a reference for those who want to get started with integrations to ServiceNow. This provides a great starting spot for those who want to get started with integrations as well, see the Integration Wiki-Book.