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Human Resources Management

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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see HR Service Delivery at

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Note: Starting with the Dublin release, the Human Resources Management application is replaced by the HR Service Management application. For customers upgrading to Dublin, see Upgrading to Dublin for more details.

The Human Resources Management application is a simple start to using the platform to manage your human resource needs. The application uses the same format as the Incident Management application to allow users to create human resource requests, which can then be handled by a Human Resources management team using the same tools as the ITIL processes.

Process Diagram


Installed with the Plugin


The Human Resources Request [hr] table extends the Task [task] table, and records requests. Like other task tables, assignment rules, approval rules, SLAs, and workflows can all be used to power the Human Resources Request Fulfillment process.

Here is the form view of a HR record:

Hr form.jpg


The plugin creates a Human Resources application with a number of modules that provide the front-end for the HR table.

Hr application.jpg


The hr role controls access to the HR table. For more information on granting access using roles, see Granting Access.


The following email notifications come with the Human Resources Management plugin:

  • HR ticket assigned to you (event: hr.updated)
  • HR ticket assigned to your group (event: hr.updated)
  • HR ticket opened on your behalf (event: hr.updated)

These notifications are all set to use the template hr.template to issue their notification. As part of the configuration process, make sure to adapt the hr.template to your needs.

Record Producers

The plugin also creates an easy-to-use front-end for HR requests in the service catalog. The Create a New Human Resources Request record producer provides with the end user with a simple form to record their human resources request, which is passed on to the Human Resources Management team for fulfillment.

Fac request.jpg

HR Request

Hr request spring 2010.png

Getting Started

Activating the Plugin

Initial Configuration

To begin using the Human Resources Management plugin:

  1. Create an HR group, and grant it the new hr role (make sure Inherits is set to true so the role will pass down to group members)
  2. Populate the new group with the members of your Human Resources department. This gives them access to the Human Resources application.
  3. From the left navigation pane, select System Policy > Notifications, and then customize the human resources notifications to your liking (note that each notification uses an email template to populate its message content)