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Glide Class Overview

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The ServiceNow Glide classes expose JavaScript APIs that enable you to conveniently work with tables using scripts. Using the Glide APIs, you can perform database operations without writing SQL queries, display UI pages, and define UI actions. The following tables provide brief descriptions of the Glide classes and links to detailed information.

Note: The global Glide APIs are not available in scoped scripts. There are scoped Glide APIs for use in scoped scripts. The scoped Glide APIs provide a subset of the global Glide API methods. For information on scoped applications see Application Scope, scripting in scoped applications, and the list of scoped APIs.

Server-side Glide Classes

Class Description
GlideRecord Use this class for database operations instead of writing SQL queries. GlideRecord is a special Java class that can be used in JavaScript exactly as if it were a native JavaScript class. A GlideRecord is an object that contains records from a single table. See GlideRecord.
GlideElement Use this class to operate on the fields of the current GlideRecord. See GlideElement.
GlideSystem Use this class to get information about the system. See GlideSystem.
GlideAggregate Use this class to perform database aggregation queries, such COUNT, SUM, MIN, MAX, and AVG, for creating customized reports or calculations in calculated fields. See GlideAggregate.
GlideDateTime Use this class to perform date-time operations, such as date-time calculations, formatting a date-time, or converting between date-time formats. See GlideDateTime.

Client-side Glide Classes

Class Description
GlideAjax Use this class to execute server-side code from the client. See GlideAjax.
GlideDialogWindow Use this class to display a dialog window. See Displaying a Custom Dialog and GlideDialogWindow API Reference.
GlideForm Use this class to customize forms. See GlideForm.
GlideList2 Use this class to customize (v2) lists, including normal lists and related lists. See GlideList2.
GlideMenu Use this class to customize UI Context Menu items. See GlideMenu.
GlideUser Use this class to get session information about the current user and current user roles. See GlideUser.