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Fall 2010 Stable 1 Release Notes

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The Fall 2010 Stable 1 release was released October 29, 2010 and includes the following enhancements and new functionality.

A manual detailing new functionality can be found here.

This release is {{#switch: {{{1}}} | CA = in a state of controlled availability (see release terminology). | GA = in a state of general availability (see release terminology). | no longer recommended for upgrades. If you want to upgrade an instance, consider a current version. }} {{#if: | {{#switch: {{{2}}} | public = To upgrade your instance, request an upgrade | For more information about how to upgrade your instance, see Requesting an Upgrade }}.}} For the Fall 2010 Stable 1 release:

Build date: 10-29-2010_1452
Build tag: glide-fall2010-stable1-10-27-2010
Note: See how to determine the version on your instance.

Feature Matrix

Automatic for all Automatic for new instances Admin can enable plugin Contact ServiceNow for plugin
— Platform Enhancements —
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Description of Functionality

Our Fall 2010 Stable 1 release contains the following new or improved functionality:

  • Discovery for VMware vCenter: ServiceNow Discovery can now explore the VMware vCenter process running on a Windows machine and return information on managed ESX Servers, hosted virtual machines, and resource pools.
  • Monitoring Performance on Threads: Active threads are now monitored for system diagnostics, both within a Performance Chart and within the transaction log.
  • Encrypting MID Server login credentials: Field encryption is now available in the MID Server config.xml file, enabling an administrator to encrypt the MID Server credentials that appear in clear text by default.
  • Inserting/Updating GlideRecord with References: When inserting or updating a record, these GlideRecord methods also insert or update related records. Any related records are inserted/updated first, and then the record itself is inserted/updated.
  • GlideForm getReference(callback) API: The getReference() method now accepts a second parameter, a callback function, for asynchronous use.
  • MID Server Heartbeat: Discovery now checks the MID Server for a response every 5 minutes, using a Heartbeat probe. The response triggers system events that can be used to notify users of a change in the MID Server's status.

Other Notable Changes

See Fall 2010 Stable 1 Notable Changes for differences you may encounter with this build. Not necessarily problems, not necessarily major features, just things you may notice behaving differently than before.


See Fall 2010 Stable 1 Fixes for a list of issues fixed in the Fall 2010 Stable 1 release (logged in users only). See Fall 2010 Update for a list of issues fixed after the Fall 2010 release.