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Employee Self-Service

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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Employee Self-Service at

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The Employee Self-Service application gives supported end users a clean, simple front end to their IT support organization. By default, end users can:
  • View live feed information.
  • View their homepage.
  • View the service catalog ordering page to report an incident or order services.
  • View knowledge articles.
  • Run a discovery applet to provide the Help Desk useful information about their computer system.

  • Access visual task boards.
  • Report an Incident or view their open incidents.
  • View their Service Catalog requests, requested items and watched requested items.
  • View their HR requests.

  • View their ServiceNow profile to update their information or change their ServiceNow password .
  • Take a customer survey.
  • View their assets.

IT and Admin users can use view-management to view the self-service view.

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  • The My Task Boards module allows you to access your visual task boards.