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Data Certification

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Data certification manages scheduled and on-demand validations of configuration management database (CMDB) data. Information is added to the CMDB by Discovery, by importing from third-party tools, or manually. For regulatory or procedural reasons, information in the CMDB needs to be checked for accuracy and certified. The person or team responsible for certification can define what information should be verified and the verification schedule. The schedule then generates a checklist for verifying the data. Individuals assigned to certification tasks answer a series of questions to verify the data.

Data certification can be performed against specific fields on specific tables. Based on the certification schedule, certification tasks are automatically created and assigned. For example, you can set up a certification to validate key information fields, such as Operating System and CPU count, on all Windows servers located in Chicago and assign the tasks to the appropriate team member automatically.

Data certification results can be used in the GRC application.

Domain separated systems can use the Data Certification application.


Certification Schedules

A certification schedule defines the information that needs to be certified and how frequently the certification should be performed. At each time interval specified, or on-demand, the certification schedule generates a set of certification tasks based on set conditions. Use the Preview Certification Tasks related link to preview the certification tasks generated from a certification schedule. For more information, see Planning Data Certification.

Data Certification schedule

Certification Tasks

A certification task represents the work of verifying the data associated with a particular record. Task owners are responsible for performing the certification tasks. Tasks have an associated workflow that sends reminders to the task owner and, if necessary, the owner's manager at regular intervals. For more information, see Performing Data Certification.

Certification task

Certification Elements

Each element of each record being certified is tracked in its own certification element record. Also tracked are the date and time when the element was certified, comments, and the original and certified values of the field. You can view elements on individual certification tasks. For more information about certification elements, see Certifying Elements.

Audit results grouped by certification instances

Certification Instances

A certification instance is the collection of certification tasks for one execution of a certification schedule. For more information, see Performing Data Certification.

Certification instance

Certification Audit Definition

A certification audit definition is a collection of certification schedules that can be run at once. For more information, see Planning Data Certification.

Audit definitions

Certification Audit Instances

A certification audit instance is a collection of the certification instances and tasks generated by a single execution of the certification audit definition. For more information, see Performing Data Certification.

Audit instance

Menus and Modules

  • Overview: data certification gauges for tracking tasks (starting with the Calgary release).
  • Getting Started: link to this page on the wiki.
  • Tasks
    • My Tasks: list of certification tasks assigned to the current user.
    • All Tasks: list of all certification tasks.
  • Schedules
    • Create New: form for creating a new certification schedule.
    • Schedule Definitions: list of all certification schedules.
    • Certification Filters: list of all certification filters (starting with the Calgary release).
    • Instances: list of all certification instances.
    • Audit Results: list of all audit results, grouped by audit (starting with the Dublin release).
  • Audits
    • Audit Definitions: list of all certification audit definitions.
    • Audit Instances: list of all certification audit instances.

Activating Data Certification

You must activate the Data Certification plugin to access the application. This plugin activates the Version Management plugin, which manages certification filter versions.



  • Some functionality has been moved from the Data Certification plugin to the Certification Core plugin. The Certification Core plugin provides basic functionality that is used by by the Data Certification, Architecture Compliance, and Desired State plugins. Certification Core and is activated automatically when any of these plugins is activated. The Certification Core plugin cannot be activated by itself, nor can users configure it.
  • You can update a certification filter and save the changes as a separate version. You can view all available versions of a filter and revert to an earlier version at any time.
  • The User reference field selection list in the Schedule Definition form displays only those users with the certification role. This ensures that users who are assigned tasks for a schedule can access the certification forms.
  • You cannot delete certification filters that are being used by schedule definition records.
  • If the filter for a certification instance does not match any records, the system marks the certification instance as Closed Complete and sets the Percent complete value to 100%.
  • A certification_admin user can see a list of audit results, also called certification elements, grouped by audit in the Audit Results module.


The following enhancements are added in the Calgary release:

  • An Overview module has been added with a variety of gauges for managing certification tasks.
  • Reusable certification filters can be created and used with certification schedules.
  • Data certification reminders can be used and configured to notify task owners and their managers about the state of tasks.