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Customizing Homepages

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Note: This article applies to Fuji and earlier releases. For more current information, see Customize Homepages at

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Users with at least one role can see a customized homepage when they log in. The content on the homepage comes from a variety of sources, such as:

  • Graphs and charts generated from a report
  • Application modules
  • A service catalog category
  • The scrolling news widget (the News knowledge category)

System Administration Homepage

The System Administration homepage shows administrative tasks as catalog categories that provide administrators with quick access to all the items they need to configure core features, such as homepages, user administration, and email notifications. This homepage design is available starting with the Eureka release.

The System Administration homepage showing administrative tasks as catalog categories

Administrators can customize the System Administration homepage and add homepages to an application.

In versions prior to Eureka, the Admin homepage contains gauges displaying user, system definition, and configuration item information. Administrators can customize the contents of this homepage.

Viewing Your Homepage

When users log in to the ServiceNow system, their homepage appears. Users who customized their homepage see the customized homepage. Users who did not customize their homepage see the homepage for their role, such as admin or itil. If their role has no homepage, a blank page appears. After logging in, users can return to the last homepage they viewed by clicking the home icon (Home.png), which is accessed from the gear icon in the banner frame. This icon appears on the right side of the banner frame in versions prior to Eureka.

Note: Users see the homepage with the lowest Order value of the pages they have roles to see when they log in. See Creating New Homepages for more information.

Refreshing the Homepage

Homepage users can specify a refresh time of 5, 15, 30, or 60 minutes, or no refresh. The default is Off (no refresh). Users can click the refresh icon (Refresh.png) at any time (use the Refresh link in versions prior to Eureka).

Refreshing the homepage

Modifying the Number of Records Displayed in List Gauges

List gauges on a homepage display the same number of records as you have configured for other lists. For example, if you display 100 records in lists, a maximum of 100 records appears in list gauges.

To change the number of records displayed in a list gauge:

  1. Navigate to System UI > Gauges.
  2. Open the list context menu and select Show.
    To open the context menu, click the menu icon (MenuIconUI14.png in UI14) or the arrow icon (Icon-listcontextmenu.png in UI11) beside the list title.
  3. Select the number of rows to display.

Customizing a Homepage

Administrators can customize the default homepages that appear for each user by navigating to Homepage Admin > Pages and selecting the homepage. Any user can customize the homepage that is specified for their role by navigating to Self-Service > Homepage.

Adding Homepage Items

To add an item to a homepage, open the homepage and click the add content icon (Adding homepage content) or link at the top. In the pop-up window, select the homepage item you want to add. Some items pertain to specific features and applications, such as CMS content blocks and the Work Management dispatch map. So the available items varies depending on what is active on your system.

Warning: Each gauge on your homepage is the equivalent of running a report. For example, a homepage with 10 gauges runs 10 separate reports each time it refreshes. Keep this in mind when adding content to your homepage. If your homepage consistently loads slowly, try removing gauges to determine why.
  • Gadgets: Items like a knowledge search field and sticky notes.
  • Knowledge Base: Knowledge base categories.
  • Tags: Tags that you use to organize records.
  • System Applications: Applications and modules.
  • World Clocks: Any available world clock.
  • Gauges: All available dashboard gauges. Gauges are defined in System UI > Gauges and can be configured to link to an existing report.
  • Catalog Categories: Active service catalog categories The homepage uses the category's desktop icon as the homepage icon. This option is called Service Catalog in versions prior to Eureka).
  • Catalogs: Service catalogs, including all of their active categories (starting with the Eureka release).
  • Diagnostics: Information you can use for monitoring and troubleshooting the instance, like database connections and JVM garbage collection.
  • Live Feed: Your company feed.
  • Text Search: Lists of top searches in the instance.
  • Filters: System definition filters.

For more information on adding content to homepages, see Adding Existing Gauges to a Homepage.

Moving Homepage Items

Reposition items on a homepage by clicking the item header bar and dragging it to the new location.

Removing Homepage Items

To remove a homepage item, click the close icon (X) on the right side of the item header.

Editing Widget Appearance

To edit the way a homepage item, also called gauge, looks:

  1. Click the widget appearance icon (Cogwheel.png) on the right side of the item header.
  2. Select the Title check box to display the title on the homepage item.
  3. Click Left, Center, or Right to set the title alignment.
  4. Select the title Size, in points.
  5. Select the Widget border check box to display a border around the homepage item.
  6. Click Done.

Edit widget appearance.png

Changing the Homepage Layout

To change the homepage layout:

  1. In the Switch to page list at the top right of the homepage, select Change Layout.
  2. Select the layout you want to use.
    Administrators can create or modify layouts by navigating to Homepage Admin > Layouts.
  3. Click Change.

ChangeHomepage Layout.png

Deleting Custom Homepages

Users can delete a customized homepage by clicking the Delete page link in the bottom right. Deleting a customized page restores the default homepage for that user.

Warning: If a user with the admin role clicks Delete page, it deletes the homepage from the instance, which affects all users. This action cannot be reverted.
Deleting a custom homepage