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Core Configuration

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Core configuration encompasses changes made to the platform as well as supporting applications. These changes can affect global settings as well as settings for particular applications. These settings include:

Form Administration

List Administration

Configure forms to add new content, create custom forms, and customize form layout.

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Modify list appearance, permissions, and actions.

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Navigation and UI Configuration

Search Administration

Change appearance, navigation menus, CSS, and utilize cutting edge interface tools.

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Configure search settings such as match relevance and attachment indexing.

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Platform Performance

Schedule events and track time across applications.

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Ensure system optimization through performance monitoring and diagnostics.

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Mobile Device Configuration

Go global with translation, currency, and locale settings.

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Take ServiceNow to go with mobile device support.

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Core Configuration Appendix

Enable applications, features, and services through plugins.

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Reference the core settings for applications and features.

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508 Compliance

Enable specifications for section 508 of the US compliance code.

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