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Contract Management

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Note: This article applies to Fuji. For more current information, see Contract Management at

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A contract is a binding agreement between two parties. In ServiceNow, contracts contain detailed information such as contract number, start and end dates, active status, terms and conditions statements, documents, renewal information, and financial terms. Manage and track contracts with the Contract Management application in ServiceNow.

Contract Management is active by default. If the Cost Management plugin has been activated, Contract Management integrates with Cost Management to associate contracts with costs and determine the total cost of ownership. Track recurring expenses related to contracts with rate cards and expense lines.

Note the following:

Note: References to Work Management indicate that the information on this page is valid for ServiceNow versions prior to Fuji. In the Fuji release, Work Management was renamed Field Service Management.

Menus and Modules

The following modules are included with contract management:

Contract Management modules in the Application Navigator
  • Overview: Open the overview page, which displays graphs and charts for managing contracts.
  • My Approvals: View all approvals for the current user.
  • Contract
    • Insurance: View all insurance contracts or create a contract for an insurance model.
    • Leases: View all lease contracts or create a contract for a lease model.
    • License Bundles: View all license bundle contracts or create a contract for a license bundle model.
    • Maintenance: View all maintenance contracts or create a contract for a maintenance model.
    • Non-Disclosure: View all non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) or create new NDA model contracts. This module and the NDA contract model are available starting with the Dublin release.
    • Purchasing Agreements: View all purchase agreements for vendors and the commitments to those vendors or create new purchase agreement model contracts. This module and the Purchase Agreement contract model are available starting with the Dublin release.
    • Purchase Orders: View all purchase order contracts or create a contract for a purchase order model.
    • Service: View all service contracts or create a contract for a service model.
    • Software Licenses: View all software license contracts or create a contract for a software license contract model.
    • Subscriptions: View all subscription contracts or create a contract for a subscription model.
    • Warranties: View all warranty contracts or create a contract for a warranty model.
    • All: View all contracts or create any type of contract.
    • Terms and Conditions: View terms and conditions for all contracts or create a terms and conditions record.
  • System
    • Condition Check Definitions: View a list of logical conditions that generate events and have a Category of Contract.
    • Run Condition Checks: Run the condition checker to verify and update contracts based on defined conditions.
For information about the user roles necessary to view the different modules, see User Roles.

Deprecated Contract Options

The License Bundles and Software License Contracts modules are deprecated. If you are using the Software Asset Management plugin, use the Software Licenses option, not License Bundles or Software License Contracts.

Contract Option Plugin Installed With
License Bundle Software Asset Management Extensions
Software License Contracts Software License Management
Software Licenses Software Asset Management



  • Two new contract models are available:
    • Purchasing Agreements: Track purchasing agreements with vendors using this new module. New fields for this contract model are added:
      • Commitment: Displays the total amount of money the agreement requires be spent with this vendor.
      • Discount: Displays a discount percentage, if applicable.
    • NDA: Track non-disclosure agreements with vendors in the new Non-Disclosure module.
  • The contract rate card end date is automatically set to the contract end date if no value is entered.
  • Expense lines are only generated from contracts with the Active or Expired state.
  • When you create a new contract using either the Insert or Insert and Stay option, the new contract record state is set to Draft and the substate is set to Awaiting Review. Terms and conditions are not duplicated.
  • When Service Portfolio Management is activated, new related lists are available on the Contract form: Service Offerings and Service Commitments.


  • A new Subscriptions contract type is available. The Subscription module is added to the application navigator.
  • Contracts can now be extended and renewed. This improves efficiency by retaining contract information and history.
  • Contracts can now use rate cards and expense lines (if the Cost Management plugin has been activated) to provide detailed price information for the contract and generate recurring expenses automatically.
  • Contracts can now have terms and conditions. This keeps all documentation relevant to a contract within the contract record. When terms and conditions text changes, a log is maintained for auditing purposes.
  • Contract history is now maintained showing different versions of a contract and creating an audit trail.
  • Purchase order information is managed in the new Procurement application.