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Content Management Step-By-Step Overview

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Note: This article applies to Fuji. For more current information, see Configure Content Management Sites at

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Follow these steps to set up your content management portal:

  1. Plan the site: Obtain resources, communicate with others about design, and gather content. See CMS Planning.
  2. Create the site: Create new sites from within CMS or by editing a copy of the ESS Portal (in versions prior to Fuji) or the Service Management Portal (starting with the Fuji release). To create a new site from within CMS, see Creating a Site.
  3. Create a content page: Create content pages, which are the backbone of a site. CMS offers different types of pages to meet different needs. See Creating a Content Page.
  4. Add navigation: Provide logical navigation paths guide site users to the information they need. See Add Navigation.
  5. Test the site: After you have created or modified a site, test the site to ensure that content displays properly and all links work correctly. See Test the Site.