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CMDB Import

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A class of integrations with existing configuration management databases (CMDB) that imports CI's into ServiceNow's CMDB. It is achieved using Import Sets and JDBC data sources defined and executed via the MID server (JDBCProbe). The integrations that fall into this category includes:

  • Altiris
  • Microsoft SCCM / SMS
  • Avocent LANDesk



After enabling the plugin for an integration of this type, you will have a new application that consists of the following common modules. Next, install a MID Server in your environment that will be used to execute JDBC queries connecting with your database. This MID server will require port level access to your database, eg. for SQL Server port 1433.

  • Setup
    • Configure the data sources from one form
    • Specify Database server settings and MID server
    • Test configuration
  • Scheduled Import
    • Schedule the execution of the import or import immediately
  • Data Sources
    • A list of the pre-configured data sources defining the external CMDB database
  • Progress
    • A historical list of progress on scheduled imports
  • Transform History
    • A historical list of transformations performed during scheduled imports


The Setup module allows the administrator to configure the JDBC data sources for the external CMDB tables. When you save the form, it will apply the changes to all data sources under this integration. To supply information for this form, you will need the following information.

  • Database Server
    • The database server host name of IP address, if executed via a MID server you have installed, this server needs to be accessible via your MID server
  • Database Name
    • The database name for your CMDB
  • Database User ID
    • The user ID used to connect to your CMDB database, it must have sufficient privileges to access data defined by your data sources. ServiceNow only supports SQL account credentials, you cannot authenticate using a domain user.
  • Database User Password
    • The user password for the database user ID
  • MID Server
    • The MID server to use for executing the database query on. You will want to install your own MID server behind your firewall if your ServiceNow instance does not have a direct JDBC connection to your database server
  • Status
    • The current status of the MID server: Up or Down

Test data source connections

After your setup values are inputted and saved, a Test data source connections UI action is available. Executing this action will perform a database table row count on each table and query configured in each data source. The following image shows a successful test.


Import Set Data

This section of the application lists the import set tables that have been predefined for the external CMDB we are integrating with. Selecting the tables will display the data already retrieved from a JDBC data source import, including the import set it is associated with, its state, as well as any information related to the transformation of the import set table data row.

Web Services

This section will list the modules that define the web service import set tables - the schema for the import set tables that are receiving the JDBC import. From each web service, you can add/remove fields as well as access the transform maps to make modifications.